Sponsors and Partners

Thank you so much to each and every company who has put their faith in Penelope and I. We are so lucky to have companies supporting what we do and are so honored to share their names. If you would like to have Penelope and I represent your company, contact me! I would love to have you and your brand join the team!

Kerrits Equestrian Apparel

Kerrits makes some of the world’s greatest breeches, show coats, shirts, and everything in between. With incredible technology and customer service, Kerrits never fails to please.

Repping my Kerrits pants and shirt!

C4 Belts

I absolutely love C4 belts! They are customizable, interchangeable, totally washable, and give back to the community. They also make perfect jumping straps! Use code C482AWN to receive 10% your purchase!

C4 Belts

We love our C4 belt and neck strap!

My Charmed Horse

Looking for some bridle bling, saddle swag, or a gift for a fellow equestrian? Look no further than My Charmed Horse! This amazing, affordable company creates the cutest charms that you can personalize! Use code MCHLovely10 for 10% off your purchase!

Penelope’s purple gem and letter P charm peeking out