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My Official College Decision

Hi there!

My name is Madison Ritsch. If you are new here, I am a senior in high school and college decision season is currently in full force. After months of hard work on applications, heart break with rejection letters, and then time spent contemplating my options, I have finally made a decision.

In the fall of 2019 I will be studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am so thrilled and honored to have been accepted into such an amazing program at one of the top engineering schools in the country. CU Boulder is currently ranked the #6 Aerospace Engineering school in the country! I am so humbled to have been awarded the Sewall and Engineering Merit Scholarships, the two biggest scholarships the university and engineering college offers. This school is bound to set me up for success and I am so excited to see where this school takes me.

On the CU Boulder Campus.

Not only that, but Boulder is such a cute and vibrant city and I am excited to be not too far from home. I will also have the opportunity to be a part of the CU Equestrian Team and I won’t be too far from Penelope! (I might even end up bringing her second semester). Boulder is ranked the #1 college town in America and I love how I will still be able to experience all 4 seasons!

Overall, I am so pumped for college. High school has been fantastic, but CU will be such a great next step!



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