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Day in the Life of a Varsity Equestrian and Track Athlete

Hi there! I am so glad to see that you have decided to join me for a day in my life. My life is pretty busy, there is no doubt about that, but I would not have it any other way. I am so grateful for every opportunity God has blessed me with, and I try to make it my goal to make the most of everything. I am so excited to be giving you all a glimpse as to what a typical day in the life of Ms. Radison looks like. Here we go:


I typically wake up around 6:30 on school mornings, if I am lucky I am up-and-at-em at 6:15. After I get dressed, wash my face, and get ready to start the day, I will pack my track outfit and riding clothes. On a typical day I throw on some Adidas sneakers, Lululemon leggings, and a nice-ish t-shirt to top it all off. Around 7:10 I head upstairs to pack my lunch, make some iced coffee and eggs, and throw the ball to my puppy, Sadie. As 7:30 rolls around, my sister and I hop in the car to head off to school.


8am class = PLTW Cybersecurity. This is my only not AP/DE class and is surprisingly my hardest class. The easiest way for me to describe this class is that I am learning how to hack so that I can prevent against it and even “un-hack”. This class has become so fun and fascinating and I totally recommend becoming more educated in the world of Cybersecurity so that you can protect yourself!

Some of the gibberish I do in Cybersecurity.


My second period class is AP English Literature and it is safe to say that this is not my forte. My teacher calls me “Captain Literal” as I have such a hard time reading between the lines and do not understand sarcasm and irony very well. Despite the challenge, it has been quite interesting learning about literature from all time periods and from all around the world. 


At 10am I have DE PLTW Principles of Engineering. This is my second year taking a PLTW Engineering course and I love them so much! PLTW does such an amazing job making classes hands-on, engaging, and very educational. This is definitely one of my favorite classes of the day.

The robot my team and I built!


My 4th hour class is AP Calculus BC. Simply put this is the coolest class ever. I love love love math and will never stop. Numbers and calculus are so mind boggling that I can’t help but love every second of the class. Calc 2 is definitely a challenge, but this girl is gearing up to knock that AP exam out of the park. I find that my passion for math makes it very easy to study for which, in turn, helps keep my math grades pretty solid.


12pm marks lunch time and this is one of the few times I let myself relax and take a breather. Lunch is pretty standard where I just have fun and hang out with my friends.


Oof… AP Spanish Language and Culture… also not my forte. I lack so much confidence in this class that it is kind of embarrassing. 80% of my grade for the class is based off of listening, speaking, reading, and writing compression tests and quizzes. I would say that I am much better at speaking and writing in Spanish than listening and reading because I feel that my vocabulary foundation is quite weak. 


My 6th hour is one of many things; either nap time, Netflix time, homework time, or blog/video time. This is the first, last, and only free period I have had during high school. Depending on my level of motivation and work load will influence how I spend my time. Thankfully now that college work has relaxed I have been able to take more of a breather during this class.


My 7th and final our of class is Theology- Capstone. My school requires that underclassman take 1 full credit of theology each year, and upperclassman take 0.5 credits for a total of 3 credits to graduate. The senior year course is Capstone, or the application of what we have learned over the past years. 


3:45 marks the start of track practice aka literal death. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays are brutal, with Tuesday and Thursday practices being much more relaxed. I run the 800m which I have very mixed feelings about. Its an awful race, but at the same time I don’t know what else I would rather be running. My reaction time is practically nonexistent which makes me an awful sprinter. As part of the “Distance Squad”, workouts are much longer and debatably harder than the sprint workouts. These workouts will hurt every part of your body: your legs, arms, heart, lungs, abs, and mentality, but they make our team stronger. 

Our team is not very big; I actually am the only senior girl running. So although I am far from the best runner on the team, I am just glad to be out there representing my class. 

Practice ends at 5:30 and then my sister and I head to the barn.


By 6pm we have arrived at the barn and are gearing up for some fabulous rides. In short our typical barn routine sounds a little like this: take the ponies out, brush em, tack em up, ride, untack, brush, and then feed. Our riding workouts vary but typically follow the same weekly pattern (I will have a post about that coming later). It is important to make sure our horses are in shape for each phase of eventing which means we must strategize our rides accordingly. It is important to make sure that the horses are worked 5-6 times per week so we typically give them a day off after their hardest workout of the week,

Miss P!


By 8pm we have arrived back home and have eaten dinner with our parents. My sister and I have become pretty efficient at cranking out our homework but once or twice a week we do have a night where we will be up until midnight studying. We have realized that our passions are worth making sacrifices for, even if that means giving up a little bit of sleep every so often. I try to shower by 9:45, be in bed by 10:30, and will let myself work on videos and blog posts until 11. 

I try to get out and walk Sadie whenever I can!

My weekdays are quite busy, but it is all worth it. I love what I do and try not to take my opportunities for granted.



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