Roeckl Maryland Glove

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My all time favorite glove company is easily Roeckl. Founded in 1893 in Munich, Germany by a leather tailor, this company is one of the best in the game. Roeckl makes equine gloves for all disciplines, ages, and genders. Not only that, but Roeckl makes amazing gloves for Biking, Outdoor, Alpine Skiing, Nordic, and Running as well! 

These amazing equestrian gloves are sold at most major retailers such as Dover Saddlery and SmartPak, and can be purchased from Amazon using the link below!

I began wearing Roeckl gloves about 4 years and have never stopped. No matter what age or level you are competing at, I highly suggest trying out a pair of these amazing gloves. I was so excited to learn that Roeckl had released a new glove, the Maryland glove, and had to give them a try!

About Roeckl Maryland

Roeckl’s newest glove, the Roeckl Maryland, is absolutely stunning. Made with ROECK-GRIP and Swarovski crystals, this glove is definitely a standout. 

I personally love how this glove has mesh detailing over the top of the hand, preventing my hands from getting too hot and sweaty. Additionally, the ROECK-GRIP material gives my hands more freedom to move. This amazing material is so soft, thin, and stretchy. With restricting gloves I feel that I am not equipped to properly handle my reins and, thus, become tense through my hands. Thanks to the Roeckl Maryland, I do not have that issue! Not only that, but this glove is touchscreen compatible! I love how I am still able to snap cute pictures of Penelope and text my sister with these gloves on. One of my favorite features of Roeckl gloves is the closure. These gloves boast a very large and secure hook-and-loop closing mechanism which helps ensure that my gloves will stay put without readjustment. 

Roeckl gloves, also, strategically place extra fabric layering in between the fingers to prevent rubbing and blisters. But have no fear, despite the increased thickness between the fingers I am still able to maintain a gentle, consistent contact with Penelope’s mouth. 

Colors and Sizes

These gloves come in 6 colors/patterns and 11 sizes. The Swarovski crystals on each of the gloves are arranged into the pattern of one of the following country flags: Germany, USA, and UK. The German glove comes in White and Black, while the USA and UK gloves can be purchased in either White or Navy.

These gloves are sold in 1/2 size increments ranging from size 6-11. I personally wear a 6.5.

Overall, these gloves are amazing! I am so happy to had them to my collection and tool box of gorgeous show gloves. Roeckl never fails to satisfy and I highly recommend trying them out for yourself!


Disclaimer: These gloves have been sent to me for review. All opinions are my own.


1 thought on “Roeckl Maryland Glove”

  1. Hi Madison,

    Hello from Fort Worth, our home away from home for two weeks. A pair of horse shows, the first beginning on Wednesday.

    How did your show at Skyline go? I’m guessing you did well.

    Gloves, my daughters wear SSG gloves. Each carries three different pair, which one they’ll wear during an event depends how warm or cold, wet/dry grip. Color, primarily black to match their black and navy blue hunt jackets, contrasts nicely with their red hunt jackets. Apart from SSG gloves, they also wear a standard leather work gloves for moving gear around and all-around stall work. At a show, I do most of the stall work and moving gear around.

    Last, but not the least, enjoy your graduation! 🙂

    Stay well, ride well,


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