Roeckl Maryland Glove

Hi everyone! Shop the Roeckl Maryland Gloves Here! My all time favorite glove company is easily Roeckl. Founded in 1893 in Munich, Germany by a leather tailor, this company is one of the best in the game. Roeckl makes equine gloves for all disciplines, ages, and genders. Not only that, but Roeckl makes amazing gloves… Continue reading Roeckl Maryland Glove

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My First Track Meet – Rad Track Diaries

9:24am It’s 9:42am. I have been on a bus for 2 hours and am currently headed down to my first high school track meet. With a blanket over my legs and music in my ears, I am doing what ever I can do keep myself relaxed. I am terrified. This meet has 35 of Colorado’s… Continue reading My First Track Meet – Rad Track Diaries

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Ogilvy Baby Pad Review

To start out... I freaking L.O.V.E. this pad. I was graciously given this pad from Ogilvy Equestrian as a token of appreciation for applying to be an Ogilvy Equestrian Ambassador. I have the Ogilvy Jumper Baby Pad in white with white trim and the O.E. logo in red, blue, and gold on the right, back… Continue reading Ogilvy Baby Pad Review