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Ogilvy Baby Pad Review

To start out… I freaking L.O.V.E. this pad. I was graciously given this pad from Ogilvy Equestrian as a token of appreciation for applying to be an Ogilvy Equestrian Ambassador.

I have the Ogilvy Jumper Baby Pad in white with white trim and the O.E. logo in red, blue, and gold on the right, back corner of the pad.

This fabulous pad runs for $37.00 US + $12.00 US for the embroidery. These pads ship from Canada so shipping to the US is $20.00. That comes to a total of $69.00.

I would say that this pad is definitely worth it! It does not have girth straps or billet straps but I am personally not a huge fan of them anyways. This pad is amazingly thin which makes it perfect for showing in the heat or just schooling on a hot summer day! The underside of the pad is suede, allowing it to grip and not slip! Because this pad is a baby pad, the front of the saddle pad isn’t shaped out like the front of the saddle like a typical pad; its straight like a dressage pad but isn’t as long. All O.E. pads come with the signature silver emblem on the left hand side of the pad. I find this little addition gorgeous. It is about a centimeter in diameter and has the O.E. logo pressed into it. But one of my favorite features of the pad in the incredible wither room the pads shape provides. I have not met a pad with such amazing wither room. Charley doesn’t have a super high withers, but she is slightly uphill so I will take all of the room I can get!

Ogilvy Equestrian Baby Pads are 100% customizable too! They are available in 10 base colors, and 21 binding colors, as well as 28 piping colors which are available for an additional $7 per row.

Overall, I love Ogilvy Equestrian Pads! I will always recommend them. Whether you are shopping for a baby pad, cross country pad, hunter pad, whatever, Ogilvy pads totally deserve the hype they get and are totally worth the price!



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