Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks

Hey guys!

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks 

So I recently fell in love with a company called Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks. These custom and made-to-order products are handcrafted by a woman named Amanda. Now based out of Middleburg, Virginia, Amanda grew up around horses no matter where she may have lived (New York or her family in Ireland)!

While aimlessly roaming around the trade fair at USPC National Championships, I stumbled upon Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks. I began talking to the kind couple who ran the booth. They work as distributors for Boy-O-Boy and other small businesses. After 10 minutes of hearing the story and after 10 minutes of admiring the belt I picked out, I was sold. Normally $95, I snagged by belt at $85 (I probably would have bought it either way XD)!

My Belt

The belt I decided on is stunning! It is a satin, double square loop closure belt woven with the colors red, white, yellow, and navy. I am so obsessed! The end of the belt has the Boy-O-Boy signature green logo woven into the fabric while the close side has the logo pressed into the leather. All of these products are made in the USA and are 100% customizable! I may just have to buy another!

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks

The belt is very sturdy and is very well made. Even after many rides I feel like it is going to hold up for ages! The stitching is solid and the ribbon is thick and feels strong. The square loop closures are tight which keeps the belt from slipping looser with movement. My belt is about 1.5″ thick and is able to fit in most belt loops! It fits wonderfully in my Kerrits, Romfhs, and SmartPak Pipers! I will say that it does bend when pushed into smaller belt loops like Annie’s Equestrienne breeches or Tuff Rider breeches.

The Key Fob

Now if you know anything about me, I am a shopper. So having bought my belt 4 days before the competition was over led me to buy another item… an adorable key fob!

I turned 16 on July 5th and got my license on July 26th. Knowing my license was just around the corner, I let my self pick up a key fob for my car keys! Coincidentally, they are pretty close to my cross country colors! I typically do red, light blue, and black, but I figure the grey is close enough 😉


I absolutely love how they look with my Penelope key chain!

Just like the belt, the key fob is well made and so eye-catching! It has a swivel trigger snap allowing it to be securely fastened to anything the snap will fit on!

The Story

Amanda’s mother used to live in Ireland. When visiting her mother oversees, she would admire the ribbon browbands on the English and Irish draft horses and ponies. But with the scarcity of this trend in the United States, she resorted to making her own when she couldn’t find anywhere to buy them. Amanda now hand makes browbands for all of her jumpers back here in America.

The name Boy-O-Boy comes from the first horse she made a browband for. Since 2014 Amanda has been devoting her time to growing her business. She now sells belts, browbands, key fobs, dog collars, show leads, dog leashes, and gift certificates.

Amanda is an incredibly kind woman and would be so happy to help you pick out your custom products! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

You can find Boy-O-Bridleworks and contact Amanda on:


Overall, I am nothing but thrilled with my products from Boy-O-Boy. The quality and customer service is unbeatable. This will definitely not be the last time you hear about Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks from me!